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I love doing my nails as a lot of you know by now and one of my friends on instagram Allison @ALLIFLWRJAMS introduced me to these awesome nail stickers from Jamberry. I have used nail stickers in the past but haven’t in a while so I was incredibly excited to be able to try these out. You get a sheet and it is enough for 10 fingers and toes (talk about a good deal!) and they last seriously forever, seriously mine lasted for over two weeks!!! Unlike traditional nail stickers you heat up the sticker to get it pliable and then apply it to the nail. This was a little difficult at first but thanks to Allison for sending me a video on how she applied them made the process a lot easier. I thought the print was so much fun for fall, muted colors that really remind me of changing leaves. If you love these or are interested in nail stickers that I would defiantly check these out and they have so many different prints its really hard just to choose a few! Follow Allison on instagram which has her contact information! Hope you all enjoy and I would love to see and hear about your favorite Jamberries!

xoxo Val

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