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New Additions

New Additions


Hi everyone!

Hope everyone had a wonderful much needed long Labor Day weekend . On my many errands I had the urge to pick up a few new drug store goodies to try out. I was in need of some concealer, and as much as I love my go to I always like trying new ones and I have high hopes for this L’Oreal True Match concealing crayon. Although I do think that I should have gotten the lighter shade I really like the consistency and coverage of it thus far. I also picked up theses Colour Riche balms in Caring Coral and Tender Mauve. I know that summer is pretty much over but since I live in the sunshine state I think that I can get away with a subtle coral longer then the average. I currently have a couple of the colour riche balms already and they really are spectacular, they smell amazing, are very hydrating and they give me the sheer pop of color that I enjoy. The Visible Lift blush in shade Soft Peach is truly the product that blew my mind. It is the perfect shade for my skin tone that gives me a nice flush of color and makes my pores disappear! You can use your fingers are a stippling brush to apply and it blends in like a dream. I am so excited that I picked these beauties out and look forward to using them soon!

xoxo Val

Mini Ulta Haul







Over the past weekend I decided to treat myself to some goodies in honor of my birthday (as if I needed an excuse to buy goodies). But anyway I didn’t necessarily go into Ulta looking for particular items I just wandered around and picked up some stuff that intrigued me. Sometimes that is more fun for me because when I go in with something I want/need I often just grab and go, and how much fun is that….NONE! I am still in the midsts of trying them all and even though it isn’t fall yet I have such a hard time finding a vampy red I like so figured I would pick some up while they had these! What are some of your favorite beauty finds that you all just happen to stumble on? I would love to try some of your favorite picks!!!!

xoxo Val

EcoTools Konjac Sponge





In my VowVoxBox from Influenster they included this gem from EcoTools! I have been such a fan of konjac sponges for about a year now but up until now the only place that I could find them was from a dear friend in Canada!! So you can imagine my delight when I discovered that the wonderful folks at EcoTools who make eco friendly and sustainable beauty products began carrying Konjac sponges! If you don’t know what a Konjac sponge is let me fill you in on the amazingness of this little powerhouse. A konjac sponge is made out of the root of the konjca vegetable which is highly renewable. It also is wonderful at cleaning your skin and removing all the dirt, makeup and bad oils that clog your skin all while giving your skin a very very gentle exfoliation. When using all you do is wet the sponge till it becomes soft and pliable and you can either apply your cleanser to the sponge or on your face and rub the sponge in small circles around your face (its that simple). Check out Ecotools for more details on Konjac sponges and more on their awesome products.

xoxo Val

Molton Brown Travel Essentials




Even though its been over a month since my last vacation I am still super excited about upcoming summer adventures. But one thing that isn’t so fun is trying to pack all of your favorite toiletries. Being a newbie to the Molton Brown product line I was elated about my discovery of their travel essential kits which are filled with all the products my fellow beauty connoisseur would ever need. So among all the other goodies I knew that this pack would be all I needed for my travels and what is even greater is that with all the mini TSA approved versions of your favorite Molton Brown products comes a TSA approved sized carryon bag where all your products perfectly fit in! The products in the one I chose were the Coco & Sandalwood Body Wash and Lotion, Coco & Sandalwood Hand cream, a Sleep Cedurs temple rub, Ylang Ylang room fragrance, Indian Cress Purifying shampoo, and the Renew body scrub. Kind of sounds too good to be true but I assure you that this is a travelers dream come true. Hope you all enjoy and check out all of the goodies that milton brown has to offer, I know you won’t be disappointed.

xoxo Val

VowVoxBox by Influenster


I am honestly so excited to have been given the opportunity to receive another VoxBox from Influenster! This box theme was a anything one may need if you are a bride to be, bridesmaid or like many setting off this summer for wedding season (like myself!) In this VowVoxBox I got a tide to go pen, an EcoTools Konjac sponge, Olay Regenerist Luminous moisturizer, Pure silk shaving cream and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish in Barracuda essentially all anyone needs to feel wedding day perfect! I am already such a huge fan and user of a lot of the brands so getting to try all these new products is going to be amazing!!!!! Stay posted for more to come from this awesome VoxBox and till next time!!

xoxo Val

Tory Burch Beauty






I know I am a bit late to the Tory Burch Beauty bandwagon but you know what I say…better late then never! I have been eyeing the line since it came out and I don’t exactly know why but I kind of held off for a bit (probably because I wanted everything and couldn’t decide!). I ended up getting two items one was the Tory Burch roller ball fragrance and then a lipstick in Ramble On Rose. I was obsessed with the Tory Burch perfume the second I smelled it so having the roller ball for on the go is wonderful!! It the is perfect combination of fruity and floral that really makes this a wearable everyday fragrance. Ramble on Rose is such a beautiful creamy pale pink color that is the perfect for summer. The formula is also a dream, it goes on rather opaque and incredibly smooth that wont leave your lips flakey. I am so glad that I finally jumped the gun and got these and I am looking forward to adding onto this magnificent collection.

xoxo Val

Shelter Island by Bond No.9


One of the many things I love about a change of season is switching up fragrances. It is no secret that I love perfume and especially when it comes to Bond No.9 scents. The newest addition to their line is Shelter Island which is quickly becoming my go to daily scent (Sorry Central Park South!) First I have to say that I was immediately loving the bottle, I am a huge stripes fan and usually find myself gravitating to them either when shopping or just getting dressed in the morning. Being that this new scent embodies the chic and laid back essence of a summer on the Island the clean and crisp navy and white nautical stripes are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.


Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 9.47.13 AM

Now the actual fragrance is the perfect combination of citrus, sweet musk and spice, when I first read the notes that it contained I immediately thought it was going to be the perfect scent for your guy or even the perfect Fathers Day gift, but I was completely wrong (well kind of). It is the perfect scent for your guy but it is also the perfect scent for yourself! It is hands down one of my favorite unisex scents that I have ever smelt in my life, hence why I can not stop wearing it! The actual oils in this parfum will blow your mind, some of my favorite notes are the black pepper, white lilies, sandalwood and musk (told you it was the perfect combination!) This is going to be such a beautiful addition to my Bond No.9 collection and I have really been enjoying blending it with my Saks For Her, Mothers Day and Sag Harbor. Hope you all enjoy and until next time Happy Blending!

Xoxo Val

Number 4 Hair Care


I am incredibly excited to share my current hair care obsession with Number 4 Hair Care! Ok I must admit this obsession isn’t anything recent, for the last three years Number 4 has been my hair savior and as you can see from my first picture I have my fair share of their products. I am also extremely proud ( and excited) to say that I have tried a product from all of their collections and they are all simply amazing.


This luxurious haircare line has developed the most amazing products that are packed with ingredients that your hair craves without stripping it of the essentials that it needs. What was most interesting to me is that one pump is all you need (yes you read that correctly one pump!) With their innovative Liquid Complex Culture and highly concentrated product if your hair is in need of some more suds all you do is add more water not more product.



I always get asked what my favorite products from is and I can’t honestly pick because I love everything! From the hairspray to the reconstructing masque everything has really made my hair healthier and happier and its probably because all of their products are sulfate, sodium and paraben free. ( they are even %100 vegan and gluten free!)


I hope that you all enjoyed this little look into my hair care obsession and if you want any more information on the products I have used feel free to reach out. Also head on over to the Number 4 website where you will learn all about this dynamite company and their products.

xoxo Val

Herbal Essence Dry Shampoo


Hi everyone! So I rarely dedicate an entire post to just one product, its usually a haul or a product line but this new dry shampoo of mine deserves it. Now I have been using dry shampoo for several years and its mostly because I have fine hair and it gets oily after just one day so instead of over washing it I use dry shampoo to give my hair the pep it needs. I have several favorites or go to picks but on a recent trip to restock I was overcome with the panic that ensues when you go to the drugstore and the product you are looking for is completely sold out (we all know we have experienced it)! So there I was walking up and down the isle trying to find something that could at least get me through the week and took this chance to try something new. I didn’t even know that Herbal Essence had a line of dry shampoos so being the intrigued person that I am I decided to give this one a try form their new Naked Volume Line.

Now I have to share that I have only used this one twice but even after one use I knew I had to share it with all of you! What I first loved about this is that unlike most dry shampoos this one is completely clear! Yep you read that correctly, instead of having to make sure you rubbed in all the white powder from your dry shampoo this one is completely transparent (which is great for me because I always end up missing a spot and look like a leopard). Next thing I noticed was the scent, I am used to heavy perfumed dry shampoos but this was completely refreshing, this has a wonderful grapefruit and mint scent! Lastely but certainly not least is that this dry shampoo formula is completely paraben free and doesn’t contain harmful dyes, who doesn’t love when a company looks out for our hair! I am so glad that my regular Dry Shampoo was sold out that day because I never would have stumbled upon this awesome one! Hope you all get a chance to try this or just get inspired to try a new product then your usual go to, you may be surprised by your finds like I was!

xoxo Val

My Beauty Travel Essentials

With my recent travels over (too soon if you ask me) it occurred to me that I usually always forget to pack something or I never know exactly what I am going to need. So in an effort to help all of you and myself (for future reference for my travels) I wanted to share some of my must have/go to travel items that I seem to never am able to live without. What are some of your favorite travel essential? Maybe some that I should look into!


These are my favorite hair care items at the moment! For the perfect blow dry when out of town these Dry Bar VIP Pack minis is a sure thing!


I know that Hotels have complimentary bath products and sometimes I really do love them but for the times that I need some comforts of home I have these mins of some of my favorite shampoo and Conditioners from Beauty Protector, Shampoo and Body Wash from BVLGARI, and then an all time favorite Twilight Woods from Bath and Body Works.


Its no secrect that I love perfume and especially Bond No.9 fragrances! I love to bring my travel sized perfumes when I travel because honestly who wants to lug around heavy perfumes all the time!



I am a minimalist when it comes to make up so bringing my usual makeup products isn’t usually a problem for me! I find that packing products that have a double duty are wonderful for keeping packing light. This Bobbi Brown Palette not only is used for eye shadow but can be used as brow filler and even eyeliner!

Hope you all enjoy!

xoxo Val



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