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October Julep Maven Box

Black Magoc 1

Black Magic 2



I am so excited that it is finally October! Even though I live in south Florida and it doesn’t change season pretty much at all I still love the fall time. The days get shorter, shadows are longer and that means a whole new month of goodies from my monthly subscriptions! This month my Julep Maven box was the first to arrive and I am completely in love with the colors. Sticking to a fall theme The Black Magic Collection colors are completely perfect for the upcoming season and there is always a beauty bonus included. This month I got the colors DeAnn a beautiful and rich cranberry color and Logan which is the wonderful shimmering deep eggplant color. They are hands down wonderful and can not wait to use them My beauty item was their new Night Shift over night mask which when applied before bed helps to rejuvenate your skin and leave it bright a radiant in the morning! Like I said I am completely in love with this months box! If you are interested in becoming a Julep Maven I will link the information here and its a $20 a month subscription!

xoxo Val

Dior Beauty Buys

Dior Cookies

Dior Nail Polish

Dior Eyeshadow

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening of the new Dior Beauty Suit at Saks Fifth Avenue where I live. It was the most fun I have had in a afternoon in a while and I wanted to share with you the two goodies that I picked up. At the event they had several make up artist there giving each lady a glam look of their own and then as if it couldn’t get any better they had a photographer for mini photo shoots of you and your new look. (pretty awesome right!!!) Any who when I finally was able to get my make up done I really enjoyed how the artist picked products and a make up routine that really fit into my lifestyle and that I could easily recreate myself at home. Although I wanted everything they used I picked up two items that I knew would go to good use and I could slowly get the rest of the products!

This gold Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow is something completely new for me. I am used to using the same brown palate and hues as my go to and when she used this warm gold color (which is perfect for fall!) I was blown away at what a pop it really gives your eyes. They did pair it wit two other colors but she first showed me how easy it was to wear by itself and for that I am grateful!

I couldn’t leave without getting my hands on one of the fall nail polishes and this french blue velvet color was my choice. I am obsessed to put it lightly with dark blues and navy’s so when I saw this color it immediately reminded me of the dining salon in Laduree Soho, which is a place my soul feels most at home. If you haven’t ever tried these nail polishes then all I can say is YOU NEED TO! They are amazing to say the least and they have the gel polish technology that is found in their gel top coat in the polish itself. So in other words it is durable and it dries super fast which is like heaven for any of my nail polish obsessed friends. If you like this color you should really check out the rest if the fall colors, and sorry in advance because it is so hard to just pick one!

Till next time!

xoxo Val

Favorite Fall Pins

If you are on Pintrest ( I mean honestly who isn’t these days) then you know that with the change in seasons come all new holiday inspired pin boards and decor to get us all in the spirit. I try and browse around pintrest a couple minutes a day just to see what everyone is posting, or trying to find inspiration for a new recipe and I really have been loving all of the fall decor! So in a tribute post to fall I have compiled some of my absolute favorite fall pins and the links (just click on the pictures!) where to find them. Hopefully you all love them as much as I do and Im really looking forward to some DIY’s the year. (who am I kidding I just can’t afford to buy the entire Pottery Barn fall decor section, cue for sobs) If you are on pintrest please follow me! I love connecting with all of you!

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 4.51.57 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 4.55.38 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 4.56.50 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 4.59.39 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 5.02.23 PM

xoxo Val

P.S. I am totally getting my craft on with some of these and I can hardly contain my excitement! I have already made the wreath and just need to find the perfect little decorating pieces!

OnJuice Juice Cleanse






This past week I set out on my very first juice cleanse thanks to the wonderful people at Onjuice. Being a self proclaimed health nut I try to maintain a healthy balance when it comes to eating and exercise, so I was thrilled when they asked me to try out a juice cleanse. If you are unfamiliar with OnJuice they are a South Florida based company who has taken juicing to the next level of healthy. They have developed a technique of cold pressing their ingredients to optimize the nutrients and vitamins that go from the fruit and veggies into the juices. And as if they isn’t awesome enough a juice is only as good as the ingredients itself right? Well all of the fruits and veggies that OnJuice uses are fresh and locally grown so they know exactly how and what goes into making the freshest produce.

I tried the Traditional 3 day Cleanse by OnJuice and I think this was the perfect choice for my first run at a juice cleanse. It consisted of 6 juices a day(I had two sublimes a day) that are meant to restore your body to its optimal state. It restores your bodies pH and is meant to rid yourself of toxins that cause fatigue, headaches and unhealthy skin just to name a few. I began my cleanse on monday and lasted till wednesday and to be honest it wasn’t as crazy as everyone makes it out to be, it was tough at times but not undoable my any means.

Day 1 I was completely pumped and ready to start. I got through the day easy and was excited to finally be able to taste all of the juices that were chilling in my fridge. I did exercise that day which I think made day 2 a little harder for me because I did notice that I was hungrier then I was anticipating. So day 2 I  had my juices every three hours as stated and because I am in school I was busy all day which really helped to distract me. By day 3 I honestly really was hungry and it was kind of a struggle but this is where being mentally tough and focused really helped me. I didn’t want all of my hard work and detoxing to go to waste which really helped me to stay strong (which I did!).

Overall I am really glad I did this, even though I couldn’t have coffee I noticed that I really didn’t get any headaches due to the lack of caffeine. I didn’t feel sluggish like I often do thanks to my crazy school schedule and I felt overall rejuvenated (who doesn’t love that). I just wanted to thank everyone at OnJuice again for letting me try this cleanse and get my body back on track and back to that fine tuned machine I know it is. Since the cleanse I really have been even more careful and methodical (if thats even possible) about what I eat and what I use when I am cooking. If any of you are interested in OnJuice you can learn more about all of their cleanses online. Also if you have any question feel free to reach out and ask away!!

xoxo Val

Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer



I am a big believer in make up primers. It wasn’t until a couple years ago but one I started I can not see myself not using one. They protect your skin from any makeup getting into your pores or even dry and oil from clogging them. I have also tried my fair share of them which now that I think of it maybe I will do a “my favorite primers” article! But any who I recently purchased this Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer on a trip to Sephora just to switch things up and I am really loving it. I have heard such wonderful things about the Laura Mercier make up line and being a huge fan of her body care line I knew I just needed to try it. This primer is so light and creamy unlike others I have tried and what I truly love about it is that it doesn’t leave a silicon feeling to your skin. It is incredibly breathable and your make up goes over it like a dream, it also doesn’t flake off when applying your makeup (which I have also experienced). I ended up choosing the oil free version since I indeed tend to have oily skin and it really feels like since it is so breathable my skin doesn’t produce excess oil through the day. If you are interested in trying a primer I really would give this one a look at. Hope you all enjoy and I would love to hear some of your favorite primers!

xoxo Val

September Birchbox & Ipsy!

Sep. Birchbox

Sep. Ipsy

Hi everyone! This month instead of sharing both of my bags separately I wanted to give you all a peak into both of my subscription boxes that I get each month and kind of compare to two. Most of you are probably familiar with Birchbox but if you aren’t it is a subscription device for $10 a month and you get 4-5 samples of beauty, skin or hair products each month based on you beauty profile. Sometimes you will get a full size item but its most just samples. Now I am new to Ipsy and they are also $10 a month. Created by a fellow beauty lover and youtube sensation Michelle Phan, you again get products based on your beauty profile but these tend to be more full sized to deluxe sized samples of times. Both subscriptions have the pros and cons and some months are better then others but I really love getting them. I have discovered so many products through them that I now use religiously. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail, tweet or instagram me! I love getting to you all! Till Next time!

xoxo Val

Forever 21 Mini Haul

Forever 21

Forever 21-2

Hi everyone!

Hope your all doing simply amazing! This past weekend I wandered into forever 21 while at the mall and found some really fun little bips and bops. I love wandering around there from time to time in search of completely nothing and stumbling upon little gems. I have really been loving delicate jewelry lately and even though I don’t wear over the top jewelry anyway I just love how dainty and feminine they look. I also happen to see that Barbie is doing a collaboration with Forever 21 and I just needed to get something. I was obsessed with Barbies as a kid and needed everything I saw that was Barbie growing up so seeing this collection made me feel like a kid again. They had so many cute things but I thought that this little makeup bag was the perfect choice and very fitting for Barbie (and we all know how much barbie loved her makeup). I also may have gone a little overboard with the scarves but I just love dressing up a simple outfit with a fun and colorful scarf. These are so soft and what is even better is that they are affordable! (who doesn’t love a good deal!)

xoxo Val

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish

Miracle Gel Polish 1 Miracle Gel Polish 2

If you follow me on instagram then you would have seen I snapped a picture of my newest nail polish addition. I have heard so much about this new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish that doesn’t require a lamp that I just needed to try it for myself. Being a huge fan of gel polish myself I know too well how much of a pain it can be to remove yourself but I usually don’t mind since you can’t beat the durability. So I was incredibly excited to try these new polishes in hopes that it would be more durable then regular polish without all of the gel polish removing fuss (and no lamp).

I really liked how easy the polish itself went on, it was opaque and then brush it self is a dream since it pretty much covers your whole nail in one stroke. I applied two coats of the polish I chose which was Birthday Suit, a beautiful and creamy nude color and then one coat of the gel top coat as directed. Now it says that it should last two weeks and no chipping should occur and to be honest I wasn’t really excepting it to last that long and not chip since I am usually pretty rough on my hands. I took a picture 7 days after wearing the polish and literally on the 7th day it began to chip (which I was expecting). But I have to say I am really impressed that even through the week the polish really didn’t chip. I know some people were upset about it not lasting two weeks but honestly you would have to not use your hands for anything for it to last that long and not have regular gel polish on. I will defiantly be getting some more colors from this line and really loved the shade I originally chose as well! If any of you have gotten this polish and loved the color I would love to hear your suggestions!

xoxo Val

Fall Fashion- Florida Edition

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 8.43.08 PM

Hi all! I am beyond excited for it to be fall and all of the fun and exciting fashion that comes with it. Now unfortunately I live in a climate that isn’t very conducive to sport these fabulous trends so I mostly just admire from afar (sad I know). So this year I have set out to try and find some fun fall inspired clothing that all of my southern climate fashionistas can sport and not be drenched in sweat! I hope you enjoy these picks and I am looking forward to finding some more for you all and would love to see some of your choices!

xoxo Val

Navy Sweater/ Leopard Blouse/ Tri-color Sweater/ Green Blouse/ Plaid Button Down/ Grey Floral Top/ Leather Shorts/ Leather Skirt/ Midi Skirt/

Relaxed Skinny Jeans / Black Denim/ Leather Skinnies 

The Weekend!

The Forge


Hi Everyone! Hope you all had the most amazing weekend. During this time of year popular restaurants in Miami get together and join up for Miami Spice and I take full advantage of trying new some restaurants for an amazing deal. All the restaurants involved provide a pre-selected menu for $40 and includes an appetizer, entree and a dessert; most have several choices for each category so you are able to pick something that you will be sure to enjoy. This weekend my beau and I decide on The Forge restaurant, a place that we have always wanted to try and have heard so many wonderful things about but just never seem to make it. Walking into the restaurant you feel as if you are transported from art deco Miami to a modern version of an  Alice in Wonderland royal palace. Every inch of the space has been thoughtfully placed and is just truly amazing and the food wasn’t less then perfection. You can take a look at Miami Spice menu for The Forge here, in addition to the Miami Spice menu we ordered a couple extras including the Jamaican Jerk Bacon and the Truffle Mac n Cheese Pot Pie! After we were finished we decided to swing by my favorite shop in the whole world Laduree (I really can’t resist and how cute are these boxes!) I am getting excited about all the fall decor coming out into stores and I can’t wait to start decorating!! I am thinking of trying some DIY fall decor, what are some of your favorites?!

xoxo Val

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