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Holiday Highlights

Christmas 2


Hi everyone!!!! I won’t even lie I am super bummed that Christmas is over. The holidays are my favorite time of year and I can’t believe how fast they seemed to go this year (boo to getting older!) I will say though Santa was on point this year as far as the perfect gifts so I wanted to just share some of the highlights for me. Though I will say I didn’t get one thing that went back to the store so I would call that a WIN! I hope you all had the most amazing holiday and are gearing up for some New Years fun! Again I can’t even believe that 2015 is over! Ugh did I mention how I hate getting older haha! Talk to you all soon!!!


December Subscription Round up!


Glossybox Dec.


Hi everyone!!!! Not only do I look forward to the Holiday season all year but I just love when the monthly subscriptions step up their game for the month of December! It truly is like getting little gifts every month but in December it’s like a gift you can open when you get it without being yelled at! This month I have not only been enjoying all of the products but hello how awesome are these boxes!!! They are just so festive that I almost just left them out as decorations. Some of the highlights or my favorites from each box have been the Malin & Gotez Clay mask from my birchbox, from Ipsy it is Pacifica Power of Love Natural Lipstick in Nudie Red and from Glossybox my FAVORITE has been the All Natural Cranberry Scrub from Simple Sugar. The clay mask has been so enjoyable to use and really has been helping with my oily skin during this incredibly humid winter in Florida. The Pacifica lipstick is the greatest natural looking red that is perfect for the holidays!! I hope you are all having a Merry Holiday and enjoying with friends a family!


Favorite Winter Perfumes


Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing swell! With the season in full Winter swing ( well as much as it can be here in Florida) I really take the time to enjoy some of my more wintery or heavier (if that even makes sense to you) perfumes. Living in Sunny South Florida we don’t really get any sort of winter and therefore the scents I usually use are light and airy just like the weather. So in order for me to make myself feel more in the Holiday/ Winter spirit I like to change it up and use some of my other favorites. Each of these is so different from one another so it really is hard to pick a favorite. Plus I enjoy that because they are all so different from one another that it allows me to enjoy all of my favorite notes in each without having tons of the same kind. I hope you all enjoyed this as much I did sharing it with you all! If you some of you have been following me for a while then you may have picked up on how much of a perfume fanatic I am so I really do enjoy doing perfume articles! I would love to see what some of your favorites are so please share!!!!


Narciso Rodriguez/ Nest Indigo/Burberry London/ Elizabeth and James Black/ Jo Malone Early Grey & Cucumber/

Bond Nuits de Noho/ Zara Black Amber ( I couldn’t find it online =/)

Last Minute Hostess Gifts

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 4.08.53 PM

Hi everyone! Hope you are all enjoying the holidays and all of the holiday parties that the season includes! I know that like myself I hate showing up to a party empty handed but what do you do when it is last minute and you don’t have a lot of time! Well fear not because I have been scouting around and these are some of my favorite things to have on hand that are go to gifts for the hostess with the mostest. It also doesn’t have to be something over the top so don’t stress about that either! Remember its the holidays and it is the thought that means the most, and nothing says Happy Holidays like a great bottle of wine too!!

Charmed Life Gift Box From Birchbox /Voluspa Candle SetPineapple Ornament/ Kate Spade Kitchen Mitt Set /Stemless Tumblr Glasses/ChampangeTruffles/Sea Salt Caramel Thins/ Cold Press Coffee/Brass Deer Bottle Opener/ Nest Frosted Berries & Champagne Candle/ Coasters/ Picture Frame/ Nest Hearth Candle

Stocking Stuffers

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 1.19.23 PM

Hi everyone!! Hope you are all Merry and Bright! With the holidays in full swing I know that finding the perfect gift or even perfect little gift is tough. Like me its usually the stocking stuffers are the hardest for me to find, because how many cute little things are there out there…..tons! So in my own search of the perfect little goodies for the ladies in my life I wanted to share them with all of you! Hope you enjoy and Happy Holidays!!!


Beauty Blender/ Death Vally Dry Shampoo/Jo Malone Cracker/ Jo Malone Lip Blam/Fur Pom Pom Key Chain/Lips Lip Blam/ Sephora Nail Polish/ Bite Lip Stick/ Sephora Rollerball Sampler/ Chuao Peppermint Chocolate/Beanie/Water Bottle/Gummy Bears

Sheet Mask Favorites


Hi everyone!! Hope you are all doing great! With all this craze recently on sheet masks I thought I would round up some of my favorites and share them with all of you. I don’t know about you but I am LOVING them, they are so easy to use, you can throw them in any bag and off you go. I love that they are concentrated and really pump your skin with all the beautiful things that it wants and needs. What have you guys been thinking about them? I know that they are super funny looking when you put them on, I can’t ever look at myself and not burst into laughter. Anyways I just wanted to keep this nice and short and if you have any questions or if you want to share some of your favorites that would be great!!!


TonyMoly/The Face Shop/ Dr.Jart/ When

Beauty Unmasked



Hi everyone!!!!! Hope you are all doing well and that this holiday season is treating you all wonderfully! As much as I love this time of year I am in full finals swing so that usually means like myself my skin is also freaking out. During my haul from sephora I picked up this sample pack of some of their most popular pore cleansing, anti-aging and radiance boosting masks. Because I live in an extremely humid climate I find that masks really help to give my skin that extra boost that it needs and clear out any built up dirt and gunk. So after the really taxing task of trying them all I wanted to report back and give my thoughts on each one! Hope you all enjoy!!!

Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud– I LOVE this mask! Haha ok I think that was super direct and concise. I am already such a fan of Peter Thomas Roth masks with my all time favorite being the pumpkin enzyme one. If you like that one then this Irish Moor Mud will be very similar for you. It has that slight tingle right when you put it on and then when you wash it off it leaves your skin looking refreshed, degunked and glowing.

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask– I have to say I am such a fan girl of this line and was a big fan of this one in particular before getting it in this pack. I have gone through three tubes of it already =/. I will say that when you initially put it on I have experienced watering of the eyes but that subsides. It dries like a fun latex and after 30 minutes you peel right off! The peeling is honestly so much fun. I like how clean this leaves my skin effective it is at removing first from my skin.

Glamglow Youthmud– Hello who isn’t obsessed with this brand! I remember when I first stumbled upon Glamglow and you couldn’t order it from anywhere other then their website. This mask is like more other traditional clay mud mask out there except way cooler. You can actually see the mud trapping and extracting all the dirt from you skin all while it is pumping your skin full of ant-aging compounds. It doesn’t irritate you skin at all even though it has a tingling factor included.

Origins Clear Improvement– I feel like Origins had the first charcoal mask ever. Ever since I have been using products from them I feel like this mask has always been there. The mask goes on great and there is no fuss to it which I really enjoy and I really find this one super effective. I don’t use it every week but this is always a constant staple in my routine.

Erborian Pâte au Ginseng Black Concentrated Mask– You guys!!!! I am in love with this mask! This was one that I have never tried let alone never even heard of before getting it in the samples and my gosh it is wonderful! I woke up after doing it before bed and my skin was so incredibly soft! It is a gel like mask and smells a bit like roses to me when you apply it. Its very gentle yet I find it to be vert effective! I will most defiantly be purchasing after  run out of my sample.

Algenist Algae Brightening Mask-I had honestly never heard of this brand before. But I am all about the algae skin products so if it has Algae I am slapping it on this face hahaha! Really though, I just always read about all the benefits that it has for your skin so I am always so excited to find products that contain it. A little bit of this mask really does go a very long way, I was shocked! It stays on for 10 minutes and in the morning my skin looked glowy and clear. If you are like myself and have an oily complexion then this is right up your ally! It is very light and gentle I just know you will love it!

All in all I would say this kit is a good one to invest in for yourself or a great gift for a skin obsesses friend/ family member. Hope you all enjoyed and that this helped you all a little Happy shopping loves!


belif – First Aid Transforming Peel Off Mask



Hi everyone! If you caught my post about my Sephora VIB haul then you would have seen this little powerhouse gem included. It has been a couple weeks since then and I have been loving using all of my new goodies and really finding some new products that my skin loves too. I am such a fan of masks, and I know some don’t really think they work but I love how they make my skin feel. If you haven’t heard of this brand before then listen up because they are awesome! All of Belif products don’t include those yucky sulfates and parabens that leave our skin in worse shape then we started but instead they are super gentle and effective. Now this mask is different then every other peel off mask I have every tried/ heard of. You smear on a thin layer of the gel mask onto your skin after washing and toning then let dry for 15 minutes. Instead of peeling right off you splash water onto your skin which rehydrates the mask and comes off like a jelly like layer. It is honestly so cool! (geek moment haha!) What you are left with is refreshed, hydrated and skin this has been gently exfoliated. I am already ready to purchase more of this product and excited to try others from the line! I know that so many of my friends and all of you would love this too and can not wait to share during the upcoming holidays. If any of you have tried this or any other products from belif please share! I really would love to know what you think!


Black Friday Finds


Hi everyone!!!!!! Hope are you all doing? I know that I am first of all still recovering from Thanksgiving and the eating feast that it was and the leftovers I have been enjoying. Secondly I am recovering from all of my Black Friday marathon of shopping! Like many of my beauty obsessed out there I think of the biggest things I look forward to on Black Friday is the deals from Sephora! I know you would think that we get our fill of Sephora during the VIB sale but NOPE! This year I think they really stepped up their $10 deals and jumped on it faster then I would care to admit hahah. I won’t go into too much detail about them yet because to be honest other then a few of the masks I haven’t really tried any of these products yet! I am already enjoying taking them all for a spin and I will report back with anything that I feel as though I can not live without! (which I am sure will be all of it!) Happy Shopping my loves!!!


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