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Rimmel Stay Matte and NYC Expert Last Lip Color

Yay!! Spring is here..finally! When it comes to a spring I love keeping my make up light and fresh just like the weather.  If you saw my earlier post all about my UniVoxBox then you would have seen these two gems that I received thanks to Influensetr! After several weeks of trials with these two products I couldn’t wait to share them with you all!


The Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation has been such a complete dream. For the last two weeks I have switched out my standard BB Cream for this product, It is so light and what a love is that a little goes a long way. I hardly needed any to get the coverage I was looking for and what I love the most is that since I have oily skin this product really tried to combat that! Who doesn’t love not having to blot or check for shine on their face less often. I snapped this shameless selfie of date night look after using it and I love how natural and effortless it made my skin!!!

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 9.37.59 AM

Lately I have been trying to broaden my lip color horizon so to speak and have been searching for the perfectly bright pink that will give me a fun pop of color for the sunshine. Being a huge NYC Cosmetics fan I knew this Expert Last Lip Color was going to be a match made in lipstick heaven. They have the impact that anyone is looking for, the staying power of a lip stain and yet it won’t break the bank (so feel free to buy two…or three if your me)! I got the color Forever Fuscia but I have been eyeing the colors Smooch and Peach Fizz, they look like such great colors for any occasion!


xoxo Val

Scents of Spring

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 11.08.12 AM

I love fragrance, so when then seasons change (as much as they can in Florida) I love brining fresh scents into my house and switching my perfumes to also fit the season. Now I know there are tons of fragrances out there but I have made a list of some of my all time favorites including my beloved Bond No 9, Jo Malone and some other awesome picks! What are some of your favorite scents for spring and summer? Hope you all enjoy!

xoxo Val

Jo Malone Candle/ Bond No 9. Hudson Yards/ Trish McEvoy/ Viktor and Rolf/ Marc Jacobs/ Prada Candy/ Molton Brwon/ Bond No 9. Highline Body Wash

Sephora Picks


Whenever I go to the mall I feel like it is never complete without a trip to Sephora, wether I need something or not it is always so much fun to wander around and be surrounded by things that make me feel good. On this last trip I ended up picking up some items that I really needed and really wanted to try.


The Dry Bar line at Sephora is currently my hair care obsession, I started with the VIP Pack and since then I have been hooked. This dry shampoo is simply amazing and really peps up your hair without it looking chalky like other dry shampoos can do. Also the smell alone is such a selling point, it is so fresh and pleasant that you will wonder how you ever lived without it! Also the clips are great for blowdrying instead of me just using one clip and constantly putting down my blow dryer to take another section of hair down, I can section it all out before I start and just take them out section at a time.

Next are these awesome Facial Pads by Peter Thomas Roth. Now I have to admit I didn’t go in looking for these I wanted their Sulfur Mask but unfortunalty its so popular that they were out. There was actually a Peter Thomas Roth consultant there and she recommended these pads that are like an all in one and wold be great for my oily skin. I think they smell great (a Peach Bellini Scent to be exact) but some say the smell is kind of strong for them. Also the pads are so saturated with product that you can actually cut them in half and use only half for each use (and you now have twice the amount!).


No trip is complete for me without a visit to the perfume section, if you didn’t know already I am a huge/obsessed  fragrance lover! I finally found the Nirvana Black Roller Ball by Elizabeth and James which I had been searching for since they came out. If you haven’t had smelled these yet then you are missing out, because they are wonderful! I already have the Nirvana White Rollerball which is a light, fresh and airy fragrance that I wear all of the time. Finally I was so excited that I was able to find the Nirvana Black Rollerball that is a more sweet and musky scent which to me is more of a night time fragrance. What some don’t know is that alone these scents are remarkable but they can even be worn layered together to create a unique scent that is all your own.

Hope you all enjoyed these recent picks of mine and would love to hear what are some of your must have Sephora finds!

xoxo Val


UniVoxBox from Influenster


Every so often I am fortunate enough to get picked from the wonderful people at Influenster to receive one of their themed VoxBoxes. If you have never heard of them before then let me just fill you in on the wonderfulness that this company is!

Influenster is a company/community where everyday people can share their thoughts, opinions and even ask questions to the Influenster community on products, food, travel anything you can think of! When you think about it hasn’t there been a time where you weren’t sure about a product or even a restaurant and you wish you could know what others thought about it after trying it? I know I do on basically a daily basis and that is exactly what makes Influsentser so ingenious!

So when you are picked to receive a VoxBox they are filled with products that you would see in your local store but they are sent to you completely free and all you do is try it all and share your opinion with the Influenster community! This UniVoxBox was geared toward college students and products and items that makes our lives easier and products that help with our crazy and often hectic schedules! I have been using these fun products for about two weeks now and I have to say they are AWESOME!!!! From the fun lip color from NYC Cosmetics that give my lips a fun pop of color for spring (and I don’t have to keep reapplying) and the Blackberry Current Tea drops from Red Rose that I throw in my school bag and add to my water when I want some flavor its is all amazing (and being put to good use).

There will be more posts coming from me on the products in this box but I was so excited to share with all of you the fun stuff that I got and give you all a little insight into the Influenster community!

xoxo Val

Olay Fresh Effects

Hi everyone!!!! I hope you all are doing well, I am in cram mode at the moment (cue the panic!!) Yes it is that wonderful time of year where finals run my life and I become a hermit!! However I do like to take a moment regroup, step away from my computer and pamper myself and lately  I have been using my Olay Fresh Effects products to do that. I was first introduced to the line almost a year ago thanks to Influenster and since then I have been hooked. From their BB Creams, face wipes and moisturizers I use it all!

My most recent discoveries have been the new Out of This Swirl Face Cleanser which is this wonderfully creamy and refreshing face cleanser. I love that even though it contains little exfoliating beads to get all of that dead skin off and purify my skin it isn’t too harsh like some exfoliators can be.  They have three awesome scent but this one is the White Grapefruit and Green Tea which  I have to say makes my skin actually look like I am refreshed and have slept!



Also I should add that I have been blessed (or cursed) with oily skin..ugh! So finding a moisturizer that gives my skin the moisture that it does need but not make it look like I slathered my face with baby oil is really a challenge. Many of you may have seen their new Dew Over Gel Moisturizer which I cant even say enough wonderful things about. First I love that I don’t need a lot of it to hydrate my skin and it absorbs almost instantly, which is great for me since I don’t have a lot of time to primp. I mean lets be honest waiting around for your moisturizer to sink is boring and there a plenty of things we need to get done in our days! Also the invigorating scent of Honeysuckle and White tea doesn’t hurt either!



After a long day with my tired eyes I just want to relax and take some time to decompress after a day filled with school work. These recent finds of mine are their Everything Off facial wipes. They take off all the make up, dirt and gunk that has accumulated on my face during the day and really does just take it all off! Even if I am not wearing any makeup on a particular day, I will just use these to give my face a little refresher and a nice pick me up. I like to throw them in my bag if I know I am going to be out a while since they are relatively small and are resealable which means no spilling!


Hope you all enjoyed, I unfortunately  have to get back to studying (woo hoo!)  Talk to you all soon!!!

xoxo Val

Nordstrom Home


Fun colorful quilts will add a great pop to a couch or bedroom

Ottomans and pillow for either your bedroom or living room that really brighten up a space

Ottomans and pillow for either your bedroom or living room that really brighten up a space

A few weeks ago I found myself wandering through Nordstrom after lunch at their Bistro and was thankful that I had my camera because I was so inspired by their little pop up home section. With spring on the horizon I always like to bring new pops of color into my world, and why shouldn’t the house be included in that. Wether it’s a pillow, picture or even a fun coaster I love finding little trinkets that make a house feel more like a home.

Pastel throws for the couch

Pastel throws for the couch

Who doesn't love some Tie-Dye pillows

Who doesn’t love some Tie-Dye pillows





Hope you enjoy these fun little items as much as I did and always be on the look out for something that can be brought into your home that gives it a great freshen up. And if you live near a Nordstrom I would swing by and check out this little section out for yourself, you may be inspired too!!

xoxo Val

Nina Ricci for Laduree



Nina Ricci 1

As I am sure you can all tell by now but I have a true love/obsession with anything Laduree. I just find their macarons not only delicious, but to me they embody the elegance and sophistication of France. I am subscribed to all of their newsletters and I follow them on every social front that I can. A little while back I got the e-mail from their main store in France saying that they were presenting a collection of macarons in collaboration with the famed fashion designer Nina Ricci called La Tentation de Nina, I was doing my happy dance. The only problem was that it didn’t mention anything about getting them in the U.S. or when (cue the tears).

However if you saw my weekend post from last week then you may have seen that the Laduree in Miami had their windows beautifully decorated to showcase this collaboration! Though they didn’t have them yet I knew that it was just a mater of time and sure enough this past Friday was the day!!!! So like the amazing guy he is my main squeeze went and picked up a box of these artful GOLD LEAF macarons! I will be honest I almost cried because I was just so honored to be able to try these and my gosh they were wonderful!! They are a “raspberry, lemon, Bulgarion rose absolute and almond” macaron with a beautiful fuchsia shell! I know that these were a once in lifetime kind of treat and I am glad I could bring a little bit of my happiness to all of you.

xoxo Val

Vasanti Lip and Cheek Colour Pod

To me sunny weather means getting outside and enjoying the color that comes alive when the sun is out. So in order to spend more time enjoying it I try to adjust my make up routine to something simple that will leave me looking put together but with little effort.  A few weeks ago I was incredibly lucky enough to be chosen by Birchbox as part of the Birchbloggers team to try out a colour pod by Vasanti!


If you haven’t heard of these before then get ready to be dazzled because this is any make up lovers dream! A two in one product is exactly the product that will allow you get the color you are looking for and cut down on your primping time.  Vasanti Lip and Cheek Colour Pods are truly like nothing I have seen before, from the sleek easy to hold design to the product that is filled with everything your skins needs to look great and be protected. Your skin and lips are plumped and hydrated thanks to pomegranate sterols  and mango butter gives your skin plenty of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that will protect you from the suns harmful UV rays. With all of that good for you in one product just wait till you see all three colors that they come in. I picked the color Candle Light, which is a beautiful pinky coral color that is just perfect for spring and summer.



I first took a picture of me wearing the color on my lips and I really loved it! It gave my lips such a fun pop of subtle color that really lasted and kept my lips hydrated all day.


The next I tried to show off the color on my cheeks! I loved how fresh and bright the shade my my face, and what I also like is that you can build up the color to the pigmentation you are looking for which makes it great for day and night!

I know that this is going to be the perfect product to add to my easy make up routine and is a great item for when I travel this summer. Thank you again Birchbox for allowing me to try this amazing product!

xoxo Val

Hair Essentials


I am not sure about any of you but if you have thin hair then you understand how hard it is to add that much sought after thick and luscious hair! I take vitamins and use shampoos that help add some much desired volume but its just a temporary solution. At lunch with a dear friend of mine  shared with me that she had picked up a new supplement that she heard about that to help make her hair thicker and stronger. Now I have to say I was a little hesitant because I am not one for using supplements (other the vitamins) but after some reading about Hair Essentials I decided to give it a shot.

This product is %100 vegetarian, Gluten Free, contains no GMO! Its just vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and minerals that are blended perfectly to guarantee your hair will become healthier and beautiful.  What I didn’t know prior to my research was that this product is used a lot for people who have suffered from hair loss due to illness or some genetic reasons and if they loved this product then I was sure it was going to work for me.

Fast forward a month now and my hair really is longer( to the middle of my back long!) thicker and I notice that when I style my hair it doesn’t fall about as much which is always a bonus! I am so thankful to my friend for letting me in on her little secret and thank you to Hair Essentials for letting me sample this product and share with all my readers!

xoxo Val

The Liebster Award

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 10.43.26 AM
The ladies from The Pale Side of Beauty recently tagged me in this post for The Liebster Award and first I just want to say THANK YOU LADIES! I don’t normally do tag posts but I thought it is such a fun idea to get to know some of my fellow bloggers and for all of you to get to know me better. So here it goes and I cant wait to share!!!
The Rules: 
– thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.
– answer 11 questions about yourself, which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.
– provide 11 random facts about yourself.
– nominate 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have less than 1000 followers.
– create a new list of 11 questions for the blogger to answer
– list these rules in your post.
– let the bloggers know that you have nominated them.
My Questions from Fiona and Amber: 
What is your biggest beauty/fashion regret?
Thats easy, in middle school I used to wear my hear really crunchy in oder to get it scrunchy. (Thank goodness for my discovery or a diffuser!!!)
What is your ‘can’t live without’ product?
My COOLA Matte Finish face sunscreen in cucumber. You can really never protect your skin enough!
Bath or shower?
I know this is a cop out but it really depends on my mood. But for the purpose of this I will pick shower since that is usually my go to.
How long have you been blogging for?
Well technically I have been blogging for several years now but Simply-Gold is my newest venture due to a school project and is only a few months old =).
Who do you look admire most in the world?
That would have to be my mom. She is such a loving and strong women that I don’t know what I would do without her.
Where do you hope to see yourself in 10 years time?
I would love to be done with school and working doing what I love and have a successful blog! Whatever else comes about in the next ten years is just a bonus!
What is your favourite movie?
Any Romantic Comedy (She’s the Man, How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days, Brides Maids!)
What makes you happy?
Anything that makes those around me and my soul happy
What is your proudest moment?
Passing this impossibly difficult class in my major that has been such a battle for me
If you could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be?
My Grandparents ( most of them had passed before I was born and I would love the chance to meet them)
What is your guiltiest pleasure?
So easy! I have two though. Fresh flowers and frozen reese’s!!!
11 Random Facts About Me:
1 .I Bake when I am stressed about anything
2. I have a love (or obsession) with Bond No.9 Perfumes
3. I want to go to Paris one day
4. I want to swim with elephants in Thailand
5. My dogs are the love of my life
6. I love cold weather (yet I live in the most tropical climate ever!)
7. New York is a city that stole my heart
8.  I believe in doing anything that makes your soul happy
9. I always wanted a Barbie Jeep when I was little and I never let my parents forget that I never got one
10. I really enjoy candles ( especially from Henri Bendel and Trapp)
11. I wish that more people would empower others, everyone deserves it!
My Questions to you!
What is your favorite piece of clothing you own
Flats or Heels
What is your favorite food
What is a city you would love to go to but haven’t
Lipgloss or Lipstick
2 Beauty items you can’t live without
How long have you been blogging
Who is your Idol
What is your guilty pleasure
What Fashion or Beauty item are you coveting at the moment
Favorite Quote
I Nominate!
Thank you again ladies and I truly can not wait to hear from all of you!!!!!! 
xoxo Val
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